Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
The webpage Millenium Gate is a property of Ltd. “Millenium Gate” (I/N: 400042002).
By geting access to the webpage and using server you agree to the terms of our webpage.
For specifying terms or regarding any problem derived further on, you may contact the administration of the webpage by email info@millenniumgate.ge or call following numbers: 2 18 38 82 ; +995 599 400 279

Terms for using webpage
By using webpage you confirm that you are an adult being above 18 years old having legal capacity or being 16 years old and have permission from respective person to receive service through this web page and dispose relevant amounts of money;
You will ensure confidentiality and security of your personal account. You will not disclose information of your personal page and security accounts to third person.
You will not perform such activities on the webpage which will directed to obtain personal account codes or any other confidential information and using their personal actives.

We confirm that any information regarding your person which you provide during registration is used only by us and is not revealed to third persons.

We do not have access to your personal bank accounts, banking operations are perfomed on secured server – supported by TBC bank.

You may purchase service to learn language after registration to the online course. When registering on the webpage or inserting information you agree that you provide only precise and complete registration information, and you ensure update of that information in case any amendments.